It took over 25 years of living (in a self imposed cage) to get to this point

after a quarter century of specializing in "meh", it was time to do some calculations


so the extent of my training comes from my dad

but his talents rival the best that i have seen anywhere


i could only wish for such SkiLL

he never killed his buddha but at least i'm killing mine


 in honour of this, my preference is to exchange only for an experience*

except for rare situations, i prefer not to sell my works at this time

upon completing the formula, i didn't like the math

even if the formula was wrong, i knew the answer was accurate

i had painted and created since visiting my fathers studio when i was 5 years old

when i enrolled in art class a few years back, i was expelled

and when my professor kicked me out, she said



I exchange art for exceptional experiences. 


I aspire to create non-traditional pieces of art that encapsulate messages filled with layers of meaning, emotion and interpretation.  My goal is to extract and portray something that triggers you viscerally every time you look at it.  The intestinal wrench of a childhood memory, a treasured relationship, a magical place, a personal triumph... a struggle through hell.

  Everyone has "things" that can be shared to create memorable experiences for others.   Whether it's a resort home, farm, yacht, private aircraft, interesting facility and/or business, there are so many great ideas worth exploring. You will have the choice of the artwork listed on the website "available for exchange" or we can collaborate towards something exceptional.  If you are a fellow artist, musician, philosopher, author or conversationalist, let's explore an "exchange" of talents.

Finally, if you are "none of the above", there are countless charities and related programs that could benefit from us collaborating on an exchange.

Due to volume of enquiries I may not be able to reply to all so please make it a good one.

One thing I won't do is paint traditional landscapes.  Look out a window if you want to see one of those.

© 2020 ESG Kosowan



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© 2020 ESG Kosowan