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Art Ingredients:

Edgy, whimsical and occasionally dark.  No added landscapes or artificial colors.



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 I exchange art for exceptional experiences. 


We make exchanges every day of our lives. 

We trade learning for opportunity, love for companionship, challenge for growth.

Most often, we exchange our time and efforts for money and then exchange that money again for goods, services or experiences. 

Sometimes money inhibits and it rarely - if ever, fulfills.

I'm bypassing the money.

Everyone has "something" beyond money that can be exchanged.  See the "HOW" if you are still interested.

It took a while to get here

after leaving a career specializing in "meh", it was time to do some calculations



so I LEFt THE money 

to fulfill a passion that escaped me since I was a child in my father's studio

and despite that i was kicked out of my first art class by a very kind instructor who said

"wHEN yOu find the buddha on the side of the road, you must kill him. LEAVE NOW" 

which I later found was her way of suggesting that formal instruction can inadvertently dull one's magical, unrefined edges



so the extent of my training comes from my dad

...he never killed his buddha but i'm seeking opportunities to kill mine

...and maybe yours




We make exchanges every day of our lives. 

Everyone has "something" beyond money that can be exchanged. 


Time at a resort home, a special event, a trip on a yacht, treasure, antique or even another piece of art...there are so many great things to exchange and ideas worth exploring.

If you are a fellow artist, musician, philosopher, author or conversationalist, let's explore an "exchange" of talents.  Finally, if you are "none of the above", there are countless charities and related programs that could benefit from us collaborating on a meaningful and memorable exchange.

If you want to offer an exchange for my art, you can choose from the website artwork that remains "available for exchange" or we can collaborate towards something exceptional...


...something that money can not buy.  


I will not paint traditional landscapes.  God frowns on plagiarism. 

Look out a window if you want to see a landscape.

So if you are interested in acquiring one of my originals or a print, drop me a note and offer something in exchange!  Go ahead!  Figuring out what to exchange can be half the fun!  


To give you an example, some of my bucket list items that I would consider an exchange of 

an original piece of art for are listed



Grant shared a drawing with you.png

© 2020 ESG Kosowan



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